Best 3D Printer Under $300

December 30, 2021

In the article below we’ll review the 10 best 3d printers under 300 according to the current market. Quality, efficiency, and cost have been taken under consideration while choosing them. They have been chosen after proper research. Go through this article till last in order to have enough information. After reading it, you can simply pick the right one.

Regardless if you’re a 3D modeler or a construction engineer using CAD, a best 3D printer would lead to positive results faster with a lot less effort. They are getting popular because of their burgeoning production, and as a result of this developing public, The battle among vendors to produce the finest 3D printers for the lowest price possible has become incredibly intense.

So now is the moment for you to jump in and delve even deeper to get the best one of them. A great chance for you to increase productivity and get matched in conjunction with growing competition.

Things That Might Look Before Buying the Best 3d Printer Under $300

Let’s talk about a few things you should look for before buying:

Print Quality:

Let’s be blunt on this point, you won’t get a dramatic difference in the print quality offered by every other best 3D printer under $300. But some 3D printers that do not cost more than $300 provide considerable print quality difference when compared to the printers ranging below $200.

Body Quality:

You may think why? How does an outer appearance matter to those who are not aware of the fact? The more durable the build quality, the more stable is the print quality. Better construction helps to enhance the accuracy of the prints. If you’ve even checked out the devices under $200 for real, you would know the difference. The cheaper devices look nothing more than toys. If you choose the one that’s preassembled with an enclosed chamber ranging under $200, you wouldn’t recognize it as a 3D printer print bed.

Print Bed:

While the print bed will not be as large as the cheaper ones, the characteristics will alter for the better. If you’ve studied 3D printing, you’re probably aware of the importance of having a heated print bed. Having it is only an option for printers priced around $300. But they offer you an advantage if you want to experiment with different filament types. You may also print using ABS or TPU, in addition to PLA.

List of the Best  Printers  Under $300

Here is the list of the best 3D printers under 300 with their features, pros, and cons. In the end, you will surely be able to select your desired one.


Comgro Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

Our top pick is the Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer –  popular, dependable, and efficient, having a built-in surface plate that can be replaced. It maintains a constant temperature throughout the whole surface. You can easily remove the printed models after their temperature goes down. The resume print option may also be used to restart right at the point where the printing was left off.

The Ender 3 Pro comes with a UL-certified power supply that can swiftly warm the hotbed to 110C while also safeguarding your printer from power spikes.

This simple-to-assemble kit comes half-assembled, letting you educate yourself about 3D printer assembly while putting it together. A fun and instructive STEM training experience in mechanical engineering and electronics.

  • Surface plate is built-in
  • Maintains temperature
  • Start printing from where it stopped
  • Easy to function
  • Tricky filament loading

Reasons to Buy

Creality Ender 3 Pro has many excellent features that prompted it to be bought. The UL-certified safe power supply, easy to use, and consistency of temperature throughout the surface makes it the best 3D printer under 300$.


Creality Ender 3 V2 Upgraded 3D Printer

Ender 3 V2 has earned a mark among the top 3D printers under 300$ because of its brilliant features. The built-in silent motherboard that was built for anti-interference, efficient and more consistent motion performance, silent printing, and low decibel operation are its features.

It has a MeanWell power supply installed, due to which it satisfies most of the criteria for quick warming and long-term printing. Furthermore, the power supply for the machine is hidden within the machine, adding to its safeness.

Thanks to the rotary knob on its extruder, the loading, and feeding of filament have become much easier. Having a 4.3” smart color screen delivers a great user experience.

Don’t worry about sudden power losses, Ender 3 V2 has the ability to start from when it is left off, which results in saving too much time and effort.

  • UL certified safe power supply
  • Features rotary knob
  • Resume printing function
  • Silent motherboard
  • High performance
  • Not have auto-leveling

Reason to Buy

Creality Ender 3 V2 has gained our attention due to its worthy features. The UL-certified safe power supply, resuming capability and built-in silent motherboard make it the top 3D printer under 300.


Elegu Mars Pro

The Elegu Mars Pro is the best budget option. It improves on what was previously there in small steps. Sensibly the sleek mars pro’s design is in sync with the original, making it simpler for us to spot the changes and compare them side by side, putting us further away from the machines.

It’s clear that the mars pro is all about ease of use benefiting from a raft of marginal changes that as a whole add up to better usability. In general, you can expect high quality printing from the elegant mars pro.

The masking LCD screen on the Mars pro has a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels across a 5.5-inch screen diagonal equating to a pixel size of 47 microns. This indicator of print resolution keeps it competitive with smooth print surfaces that capture fine details well just by putting items up to the light and getting near. The print’s staircase effect is also visible because of the use of voxels.

  • Great design
  • A very good 3D printer in that budget
  • Easy to use
  • Produce high-quality prints
  • 2560 by 1440 pixels of masking LCD
  • Not have auto-leveling

Reason to Buy

As a starter resin 3d printer, the Elegu mars pro is a fine choice. It’s obvious that user feedback has shaped what Elegu started with last year’s mars into something better and all while retaining an aggressively affordable price tag to boot.


Anycubic Photon Mono

If you are looking for solid, best performance with inexpensive, then this Anycubic Photon Mono 3D Printer is the best choice for you. Photon Mono clearly marks the new territory for Anycubic. It possesses great features with excellent design. Photon Mono is rather quiet whether in operation. At the time of layer change, you will observe the hearing and noise of the motor. Unlike other printers, the cooling fans are not intense and excessively noisy.

Furthermore, the onboard photon workshop software is quite simple in operating. It has preset settings for Anycubic printers but profiles can be created for any printer you want. The most prominent feature of Photon Mono is its monochrome LCD which complements the printing speed. Standard rising can be processed for the waiting time of only 2 seconds.

It is three times quicker than its other fellows within this pricing range. The Screw and linear rail take care that the z-axis moves more smoothly. The integral FEP film is simple and quick to replace, making it possible to enjoy printing with less fuss.

In terms of print speed, the exposure time is around 1.5 seconds while the maximum printing speed is 600mm/h.

  • Shorter exposure time
  • Excellent design
  • Simple to use
  • Produce quality prints at a great printing speed
  • Produce much less noise during print
  • Not have auto-leveling

Reason to Buy

In this reasonable budget, Photon Mono is an excellent choice. It has all the premium-like features that a good printer has in this price range. It provides great printing speed with much less exposure time.


Flashforge Finder 3D Printer

Are you in search of the best performance 3D printer? Pay attention then as we are presenting in front of you the Flashforge Finder, which has quite rightly taken the title of best value 3D printer. It is a plug and play printer. To start using it, the only need is to take it out of the box. Remove the protection and calibrate the platform using the touch screen. Everything is explained in the menu, you just need a few minutes to get it functional.

Flashforge 3D printer has a print quality similar to the significantly expensive printers which can print in a layer resolution of 50 microns. It is also quite fast, printing up to 24 cubic centimeters of PLA in just 1 hour.

Another point where this printer stands out is that it is very quiet. You may know that noise is among the improved factors in new generation printers. However, Flashforge is the quickest device in the market with about only 50 dB of noise during operation.

In order to make the user experience more attractive, Flashforge comes with a 3.5 inches touchscreen. It offers connectivity via USB port, SD card, and even via Wi-Fi. It is compatible with most of the popular programs and has its own app.

  • Value to a money 3D printer
  • Easy instructions to make it functional
  • Outputs high printing quality
  • Quiet operation
  • 33.5 inches of user-friendly touch screen
  • Compatibility
  • Easy to carry because of its small size
  • Supports one type of filament

Reason to Buy

The buying reason that urges most people to buy this 3D printer is the print quality that it produces. It produces print quality similar to that of much more expensive printers. The product is robust, silent, and fast. It prints in a very high resolution.


LulzBot Mini 2

The next product on our list is LulzBot Mini 2. It is the best enthusiast printer that can be found on the market. It is a new professional version of the company’s product series that arrives stronger than ever highlighting new improvements over the previous suggestion. For example, the LCD screen also contains the option for value 3D printing.

This 3D printer can be also used by architects, designers, and engineers. It is also very easy to use. It includes one of the best extruders on the market that guarantees quality 3D printing and above all “reliability”. We are looking at the E3D titan arrow extruder.

Furthermore, it also features software and opens hardware at the same time. Therefore, this printer shares proven super developed technology meaning that users are free to take on the best and latest technology that is evolving through the 3D printing industry for the new and innovative software program.

The LulzBot Mini 2 features plug and pay function so that you can start printing on the go. Also, there is specially designed cure LE software that offers the idea of pre-configured profiles for more than 30 materials in order to achieve as much as possible.

This printer comes with premium polymer bearings and dynamic TMC 2130 stepper motor drivers so that users can enjoy the silence and smoothness of this fellow in a library, office, classroom, or anywhere else. It comes in a size of 22.5 by 20.1 by 17.7 inches as well as a weight of 3.5 Oz. Above all the price is fair so you don’t have to invest a heavy amount in order to get it.

  • Self-leveling
  • Easy carrying handles
  • Quiet operation
  • New software
  • Self-cleaning
  • Low maintenance print surface
  • Pre-configured profiles
  • Not really

Reason to Buy

If you are looking for the best printer for enthusiasts in terms of price and performance, then this fellow is going to be among the best 3D printers under 300 dollars. It has many great features you will be surprised to find in devices in this price range.


Monoprice Voxel

Voxel is an unbelievably easy-to-use, unique, and big beginner-friendly 3D printer with a simple menu and 2.8 inches color display that brings 3D printing closer for common users. The printer has 8 GB of memory for storing 3D models, plus a USB port, Wi-Fi connection with a hotspot function for an easy connection with your computer to model the printing while using a built-in camera that makes printing even more comfortable.

The device comes fully packaged with 3D model samples and fibers allowing you to print within minutes after unpacking it, unlike many other 3D printers that will make you use a bunch of tools and 20 to 40 minutes just to replace the nozzle. This printer has a quick change nozzle which you can replace in seconds with zero additional tools.

It also features very easy removal. All you need to do is just remove the sport and bend it slowly to release the model from the holder. Also if the printed circuit board is damaged, you can easily replace it after completing one project. Then you can immediately place the roller with another to reprint immediately: easy, smooth, and time-saving.

Voxer has also other two features, first of all, its supportive leveling system can surprise you, you only need to use the touchscreen to use the calibration system and you will be all set in just a few basic steps. It also has the option of automatic fiber – it will make it even easier for users to replenish fiber. Insert thread into the assigned slot on the printer and press the add thread command in the touch screen menu. Furthermore, the built-in sensor detects a low charge level and pauses printing progress until you add a new thread.

The package also includes a heated removable printing plate, quick-change gearbox, an AC connection cable, screwdriver, fiber tool, nozzle cleaning kit, one grease pack, and an Allen key. It comes in a size of 19.6 by 16.9 by 20.2 inches as well as a weight of 28.4 pounds.

  • Features auto-leveling
  • User-friendly
  • 8GB of memory for storing printing models
  • Basic steps to start
  • Automatic addition of fiber
  • Very simple to use
  • No

Reason to Buy

Enjoy all premium features like a USB port, Wi-Fi connection with hotspot function, 8GB memory for storing print models. You can get all the features at a very surprising price.


JGMaker Magic

The JGMaker Magic 3D printer is not as popular as some of its competitors but it shouldn’t be neglected. Its basic and solid design makes JGMaker very stable during prints. The 220 by 220 by 250 mm size heated-bed on the JGMaker Magic has a removable and flexible built plate that should provide a decent environment for prints.

Naturally, a removable plate also makes the printer very easy to move. It provides other decent features too such as a filament runout detector, removable built plates, and a function that allows you to resume printing. Its compact design with the power supply built-in makes this printer different in comparison to Ender 3.

The underside of the printer is completely open so there is easy access to the controller board and the power supply. The power supply is wired properly. However, the plus and minus DC wires from the power supply are properly connected to the mainboard with flat crimp-on connectors. The USB port is not grounded or tied to anything on the printer.

The 5s mainboard, the production h2 board has to be patched with a ground wire from the USB port to the DC negative terminal in order to ground it properly. So you would have to be very careful when connecting a PC to this printer until you have verified the USB plug has been properly grounded.

The mainboard is an in-house-made 80 mega 2560 controller which runs an apparently fairly new version of Marlin, possibly version 1.1.

  • Features removable built plates
  • Filament runout detector
  • Resume printing function
  • Easy to move around
  • Properly wired power supply
  • No

Reason to Buy

The JGMaker magic has many exciting features in that tight budget that makes it on the list of best 3D printers under 300. The removable built plates and properly wired power supply makes it worth buying.


GeeeTech A10M

The GeeeTech A10M is the only 3D printer under $300 that can print in many colors. The A10M 2-in-1 extruder allows you to 3D print with different colors in four distinct modes: single, dual-color, grated color, and mixed color. These features make GeeeTech a very appealing choice for multicolor printing. It’s worth noting, however, that this printer is primarily intended for expert users and requires precise adjustment.

The A10m is a low-budget 3D printer that uses filament. The bed moves on the y-axis, therefore it’s a cartesian type of printer (uses X, Y, and Z coordinates). It has a build volume of 220 mm x 220 mm x 260 mm, which is a good size for an entry-level printer. It utilizes a 1.75-millimeter diameter filament and has a typical 0.4-millimeter nozzle.

The trick with the A10M is that it has two extruders feeding into a single mixing hot end that’s right. There is a dual extruder with a hot end capable of mixing together two different types of filaments. A dual extruder printer at less than three hundred dollars is an incredible value if it prints well so before we get into the dual extrusion part.

Let’s talk about the quality of the prints that you can expect from the A10M. Overall, I am pretty impressed that the surfaces are smooth, and the layers are consistent. It has handled layer heights between 0.1 millimeters and 0.3 millimeters with no problem.

The print quality is right near the front of the pack when compared to other entry-level 3d printers that I’ve reviewed but the A10M isn’t just limited to printing one color.

  • Multi-color 3D printing
  • Features two-in-1 extruder
  • Budget printer
  • Have smooth surfaces
  • Produce a great print quality as output
  • It’s not the quietest one

Reason to Buy

This printer’s specialty is dual extrusion. The two extruders are mounted at the top of the printer with the Bowden tubes running down to a single hot end. This gives you the option to print like a normal dual extruder printing each color separately but this design also lets you print with both colors at the same time, mixing them together in any ratio you desire.


Anycubic Mega Zero 3D Printer

Anycubic might have taken the easy way out by cutting corners and calling it a day when attempting to hack a $300 printer. Instead, the Mega Zero is an odd budget 3D printer that makes deliberate design choices to lower the cost and elevates things elsewhere to accommodate. It’s easy to rail against the lack of a heated bed, but unless you’re seriously planning to tackle trickier filaments like Warp, which can warp if you just look at them wrong, a non-heated bed can be surprisingly versatile.

PLA can be printed just fine as Con flexible such as TPU, which is something the Mega Zero doubles down on with any cubic approximation. The excellent BMG Extruded by Bon Tech jewel geared Filament feed with a constrained past as a nozzle gives it some teeth.

It has a heated bed which I consider absolutely essential. It’s a 220 by 220 by 250 so it’s a pretty good size for the price. The other big thing that it has is an improved extruder.

You may have never worried about power loss, it’s pretty standard in printers. It has an auto-resume if it’s sort of the battery down. I don’t think you’re ever going to get a really good connection then this after a print fails with resuming and I do really like that leveling.

What I really love about it is the PTFE tube in the back if you’ve got one where you know your filament is mounted up and it goes into the bone and it goes in the extruder. It really sorts of pulls up on that and actually start edging into grooving into your extruder that happens from ender until you switch it to like an all-metal or you end up printing something so that it holds that you know holds it out farther but that’s what this tubing does and it’s a really nice touch.

The other thing that I find really like is the bigger sort of knobs down. When you’re looking at leveling, it is very easy to level the Machine, a piece of paper, of course, the usual it does have that four-point system that you can use. I tend to just disable the motors and then just move it around.

  • Auto resume function
  • Decent size
  • Inexpensive
  • Super sturdy construction
  • Easy to move
  • Non-heated bed

Reason to Buy

If you are looking for a decent-sized and inexpensive 3D printer, then this printer is the right choice for you. It features an auto-resuming function so you don’t have to worry about sudden power loss.

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