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August 13, 2022

As we all know regular coffee contains caffeine in it. Are you looking for the best decaf coffee? Lets start from the definition of the Decaf coffee.

What is Decaf Coffee?

So, if you are looking for coffee without having caffeine in it then decaf coffee is the one that you should be looking for. Decaf coffee is a coffee that does not have caffeine in it or caffeine is extracted from coffee beans. Although this coffee is not completely free of caffeine, but it is almost above 95% free of caffeine. It is done by using the process called “Decaffeination of Coffee”. This process uses a set of different processes that help create a product that is free of caffeine.

Why People Want to Buy Decaf Coffee?

Decaffeinated coffee has several advantages over regular coffee. So there are many reasons to buy decaf coffee instead of buying regular coffee which are as follows:

It Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Decaf coffee has been shown in numerous trials to help prevent a variety of diseases, including Type 2 diabetes. In fact, it has the same health benefits as regular black coffee. Caffeine isn’t required on a regular basis, either.

According to many studies, decaf coffee can help prevent a lot of conditions including Type 2 diabetes. As a matter of fact, it can be as beneficial as your common black coffee. And you don’t need to have caffeine regularly either.

You Can Have Sound Sleep and Reduced Anxiety

Coffee is frequently the first item most people drink in the morning. Coffee is commonly consumed to alleviate tiredness. Caffeine, on the other hand, is so potent that it can interfere with your sleep. It may cause sleeplessness in certain people.

However, switching to decaf coffee can help you avoid insomnia, which is caused by too much caffeine. Decaf coffee, on the other hand, can help you maintain a high level of energy throughout the day.

Another advantage of drinking decaf coffee is that it might help you manage your anxiety, especially if you suffer from an anxiety disorder.

It’s Antioxidant Properties

Switching to decaf if you drink coffee for its antioxidant qualities can be a great answer. Because it still has adequate antioxidants after decaffeination, just like regular coffee. However, because it is caffeine-free, it has fewer antioxidants. This is because of the fact that the caffeine is removed from this coffee. But it should be acceptable for you if you want caffeine free coffee.

Has Low Acidity

Coffee’s acidity may create acidic side effects such as heartburn. As a result, individuals use it with dairy products such as milk to lessen the acidic effects. Because of the lower caffeine concentration, decaf coffee has a lower acidic content, among other advantages.

Thus if you are already facing heartburn disease then you can opt for decaf coffee. If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), you may want to consider this option. Because it is a great solution for you. As you wont be deprived of drinking coffee. At Least you have the choice in the form of decaf coffee. This will help you avoid a variety of negative consequences, including acid reflux also.

Which Decaf Coffee is Best for You?

If you have decided to go for decaf coffee then there would be a question in your mind that which brand and features you should look at for the best decaf coffee? As a selection of coffee in terms of features and brand of coffee is itself a task. So, for your convenience we have compiled a list of best decaf coffees. And their reviews with specifications listed below every description. So you would be able to choose the best decaf coffee for you by reading reviews one by one without any hassle. Here is a list of best Decaf Coffees:

1) Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee (Best Overall Decaf Coffee)  

2) NO FUN JO DECAF Organic Coffee (Best Organic Decaf Coffee)

3) Don Pablo Colombian Decaf Light Roast Coffee (Best Light Roast Coffee)

4) Volcanica Decaf Tarrazu Coffee

5) Fresh Roasted Coffee llc Sumatra Decaf (Medium Roast)

6) Koa Coffee Decaf 100 Kona Coffee

7) Life boost decaf coffee  

8) Peet’s Decaf Coffee

9) Starbucks Decaf Cafe

10) Eight O’Clock Whole bean coffee

11) Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee


Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee (Best Overall Decaf Coffee)

This coffee is deep dark and delicious. These are organic Fairtrade Arabica beans roasted right in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. That’s why this coffee kicks ass to wake up with us. There’s about a book’s worth of stuff on here but other than right here where it says Central and South America. It doesn’t really tell a lot about this blend or brew or whatever you want to call it so let’s dig in well. These are some nice-looking beans. When it comes to looking at coffee beans but those are some damn good looking coffee beans. It means you take a whiff out of the bag. It has two very equal scents but two very specific to me anyway one of them is salted dark chocolate covered pretzels super simple a little bit salty a little bit weedy definitely the dark cocoa.

Then the other side of it smells exactly like a wood shop in an old barn with dirt floors I think he’s on a lot of drugs you have some of that kind of old dusty dirt and wood but then you also the main wood that you get here it’s not like a dry this or a dry that in fact it mostly smells kind of like a green wood. it’s almost like if you keep smelling the aroma is out of the bag you start to imagine like tree sap tree blood is fire yeah some kind of like sappy sweetness I like that though it’s a nice combination a sense really good strong aromas overall but anyway let’s stop us sniffing the damn beans and get some of this going all right so you burned up somebody’s grizzly cloth and there isn’t much discuss with these aromas because it is very aromatic but it’s basically just chocolate different kinds of chocolates a kinda I mean it reminds me of like a chocolate shop but that’s it either my nose is broken since the last update which was the aroma is out of the bag or just smells like a lot of good chocolate good deep rich aroma to it that I like well let’s see what it tastes like hmm not nearly as chocolaty as the aromas I can tell you that  the dark bean flavor leaves and a dirty dark chocolate like 90 percent cocoa mixed with potting soil it’s got a medium finish of kind of like greens and minerals may be a really tiny trail of that dark cocoa in there overall though.

Moreover, It’s very smooth and has a great body to it. And when you’re drinking it the kind of experience or a combination of the aromas with the flavors together it does actually give you a little bit more of that chocolate, a little bit of sweet from the cocoa mostly from the aroma. As you know, smell and taste work together in many ways. Taste comes from smell to some degree 60 this isn’t a science channel back to the coffee. The combination of the flavors that I’m getting in the aromas do give you a little bit more chocolate and a little bit of a kind of natural balance and sweet component with the slightly darker flavors that I’m getting from drinking it. Overall I think the aromas are excellent. I think the flavors are pretty good, like drinkability and mouth feel. It’s actually very good. It is very smooth, very full-bodied and has no bitterness. The beans themselves looked great. The aroma was both out of the bag and out of the cup brewed. The excellent flavors are pretty good.


Roast: Dark

Size: 10 ounces or 2.2 pounds

Available In: Whole bean

Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water Process


Joe Coffee No fun Joe Decaf Coffee (Best Organic Decaf Coffee) 

Joe coffee has been on the rise in the coffee market. Most of the reviews on their products are from extremely satisfied customers especially on the joe coffee’s decaf coffee. With handcrafted roasting this coffee ensures the product’s quality which is a good thing to include in this coffee’s review. This coffee brand is one of the few that truly cares for their consumers. Joe coffee takes pride in what they produce and so far it’s been nothing but high quality coffee. It’s also one of the top brands of specialty grade organic coffees. This coffee is made with perfectly noticeable blueberry and chocolate nuts perfect for a person who likes their coffee sweet but wants to cut down on sugar as well as caffeine and not only does it have a blueberry taste. It also has that same delicious aroma even before you could make your cup of coffee. Just a scent of these coffee beans will get you going through your day trying to cut back on sugar and caffeine give joe coffee no fun joe decaf a chance.


Roast: Medium Dark

Size: 12 ounces or 2.2 pounds

Available In: Whole bean, Ground, and  K-Cup

Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water Process


Don Pablo Colombian Decaf Light Roast Coffee(Best Light Roast Coffee)

This Don Pablo Colombian Decaf coffee is Lightly roasted to be consistent, smooth, bright, and easy to drink with a mild finish. It has a sweet, pleasant aftertaste. It is naturally decaffeinated utilizing the Swiss Water Process method. This results in a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free. This mild, sweet, rich and smooth Colombian Supremo has a medium body, pleasant acidity, citrus notes, and a very smooth cocoa toned finish with low acidity. So you can taste like the real thing without the caffeine. It is also known as 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee.


Roast: Light roast (also available in medium-dark roast)

Size: 12 ounces or 2 pounds and 5 pounds

Available In: Whole bean and Ground

Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water Process


Volcanica Decaf Tarrazu Coffee

It is a medium roast decaf coffee blend from the mountain ranges of tara zoo. These mountains have cool temperatures that will enable coffee beans to have a smooth well-balanced and chocolaty flavor. This coffee is particularly of single origin and the company uses the swiss water method for its decaffeination processes. They ensure a chemical-free process that preserves the original taste of the regular version of the tarrazu coffee. You might taste nutty and apple-like notes with tarazu decaf coffee. Unlike many common decaf coffees on the market that lose most of the coffee’s flavor, volcanica terraza decaf coffee is our top pick as one of the best decaf coffee beans with regard to value and quality.


Roast: Medium

Size: 16 ounces or 5 pounds

Available In: Whole bean and Ground

Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water Process


Fresh Roasted Coffee LLc Sumatra Decaf (Medium Roast)

Fresh roasted coffee is one of the many longtime coffee brands of today. Their decaf coffee surprisingly has the creamy smoothness that most decaffeinated coffees don’t. It also has an earthly taste as well as rich chocolate flavor like all of the decaf coffees in this list. This too is processed through the swiss water method this guarantees that the coffee beans have been processed in a natural manner. All of the fresh roasted llc’s coffees including their decaf coffee is roasted through environment friendly methods to get premium coffee while saving the environment one cup at a time.


Roast: Medium

Size: 32 ounces

Available In: Whole bean

Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water Process


Koa Coffee Decaf 100 Kona Coffee

It is a medium roast koa coffee that has always been at the top of their game. The company produces high-end kona coffee beans including their decaf coffee grown at the slopes of mauna loa’s volcano. These kona coffee beans are famous for their aloha taste. Koa coffee’s decaffeinated coffee is one of the elite beans sold on the market. Using swiss water decaffeination processes they’re able to remove most of the caffeine content within the kona coffee beans. If you’d like to drink more caffeine than usual you can also mix your regular coffee with koa’s decaf coffee to cut back on your caffeine consumption. While being able to drink coffee on the other hand if you want to consume less perhaps to help you fall asleep this decaf coffee is an ideal choice. You can drink perfection and have a peaceful rest try this different and exquisite decaf coffee. It will definitely put all the other brands to shame. It’s that rich aloha taste that people just can’t get enough of.


Roast: Dark

Size: 1 pound

Available In: Whole bean

Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water Process


Life Boost Decaf Coffee

It is a medium roast life boost that has been known in making organic, natural and best tasting coffee since it first came to the market. Their decaffeinated coffee is no exception; you’ll be happy to know that life-boosting coffee beans are cared for hand-picked and hand-roasted by dedicated local farmers high up in the mountains of Nicaragua. After being picked one by one these beans are then fermented water washed sun-dried and rested for the beans. This makes it to have that rich coffee aroma and taste life boost isn’t just all coffee and no regard for health in fact lifeboost’s decaf coffee is tested for the complete absence of toxic substances like mycotoxins acrylamide and others. Being low in acidity, a good thing to add to this coffee brand is that their farmers are treated fairly as this company participates in fair trade, not only that they care for their people. Lifeboost also cares for the environment in choosing the best decaf coffee for you. Thus you should also consider the effects that you as a consumer can do for your surroundings. This coffee is well rounded and balanced, a perfect pair for pastries or for a wonderful coffee filled morning. Its taste is rich and bold with hints of chocolate caramel and a fruity taste most coffee connoisseurs will truly recommend this brand as one of the best high quality organic decaf coffees you have to give it a try to find out.


Roast: Medium

Size: 12 ounces

Available In: Whole bean and Ground


Peet’s Decaf Coffee

Product Link

This decaf coffee from Peet’s is also included in the list of Best Decaf Coffee. It is extremely dark roasted coffee. It is decaffeinated from the premium beans to create a blend just as full of flavor, body, and aroma, but without any caffeine. Whether brewed in a press, drip, or espresso this mellow, pleasant coffee richness stands out among decafs. That is why it is on our list as one of the best decaf coffee.


Roast: Dark

Size: 10.5 ounces or 16 ounces

Available In: Whole bean and Ground

Decaffeination Process: Direct Contact Process


Starbucks Decaf Cafe

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The first thing you need to know about this decaf coffee is that it is ground and has a dark roast. Although if you are not a fan of bitter tasting intense notes then you can definitely go for its other versions that include a blonde and a medium roast but for this section. The dark roast has sweet notes of dark cocoa and is robust enough to wake up with a few sips without the presence of much caffeine. It surely is a good choice for you if you are looking for a dark roast decaf coffee. It is full-bodied and has a strong taste. Now let’s talk about its packaging. Fortunately for baristas you can brew its many different forms as it is also available in.


Roast: Dark

Size: 12 ounces

Available In: Ground


Eight O’Clock Whole Bean coffee

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Eight o clock is a popular brand and has all the features required for it to qualify as one of the best decaf coffee beans. It is proudly labelled as the original decaf. It has been serving great coffee for over 150 years. They use 100 Arabica beans and from one bag to another their roast quality does not vary much. The bag is also available in three different roasts. So if the medium roast is too much for you, you can definitely go for something lighter with the same flavorful notes. Typically with a pack of whole beans you don’t have to worry about losing its freshness anytime soon. But to maintain its refreshing taste 8 o’clock has packed the beans in single serve sachets. Thus America’s oldest coffee manufacturers are not only concerned about delivering taste but their coffee beans are also kosher certified keeping in touch with the traditions 8 o’clock leaves no room for its customer base to be void of the best decaf coffee experience.


Roast: Medium Roast

Size: 12 ounces

Available In: Ground, Whole Bean


Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee

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If you think all decaf coffee brands are essentially the same you might want to rethink Cameron’s roasted coffee. They all match the strength, richness and boldness of a regular coffee. Cameron’s specialty coffee takes a lead by being fully flavored. It has its own unique blend of butterscotch vanilla and caramel to tantalize your taste buds. Cameron might not be the oldest coffee roasting company but it surely has its competitive advantage by mixing all its flavors with rum. Using 100% of arabica beans this ground coffee is no different than the rest in sourcing from the top 10 of beans in the world yikes thinking about getting the specialty grade decaf cup.


Roast: Light Roast

Available In: Ground

Buying Guide

Things to Consider before Buying Decaf Coffee

Well, if you are looking for the best decaf coffee then instead of looking at roast you should look at the roasters that remove caffeine from coffee beans. Because the quality of coffee highly depends on the coffee beans which the roaster picks to decaffeinate coffee. Furthermore, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration before buying decaf coffee which are as follows:

1) Taste

2) Decaffeination Method

3) Price


The taste of decaf coffee highly depends on the decaffeination process. Because using this method has possibilities to change the taste of decaf coffee as compared to regular coffee. Because in some decaffeination processes there is a use of chemicals. So it is possible that these chemicals may affect the taste of beans. Moreover, there are different roast coffees available. As everyone has his own taste. Some people like dark coffee and others like light coffee. So, in decaf coffees there is a variety available from light roast coffee to dark roast coffee. Thus you need to look at this factor firstly. For example if you feel you need a dark coffee that would make you up for hours then you should choose dark roast and vice versa.

Decaffeination Method:

If you are buying decaf coffee then you must be thinking that the caffeine removal process from coffee beans may not do any sort of damage to your health after drinking coffee. So as discussed earlier that there are different decaffeination methods like water processing, CO2 process and solvent processing (direct contact process) etc. In general the most effective method is the CO2 process as it is the cleanest method from other methods but it is the most expensive amongst them. The Swiss water process is also good because of no use of chemicals in this method so it is harmful for your health. In solvent processing a chemical named Ethyl Acetate is used which is found in some fruits and vegetables.


The caffeine removing process from coffee beans, termed as “decaffeination method” requires some bucks. So obviously decaf coffee is a bit more expensive than regular coffee. But it is not very costly though. There is a slight difference in prices of decaf coffee vs regular coffee. But removal of caffeine is good for your health in return for paying a small price difference. So, because of the fact that decaf coffee is beneficial for health you should give priority to your health over price.

Final Verdict

As we have discussed several brands of decaf coffee from light roast to dark roast coffee. So, in our top picks the Kicking Horse decaf coffee leads other brands in terms of Dark roast decaf coffee. In terms of light roast Don Pablo decaf coffee is best among other brands. While Joe coffee is the best organic coffee in our considerations. But the final choice is yours as there are many brands available and you can choose the best one for you.

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