Best Monitor for Eye Strain

November 1, 2022

Are you spending a lot of time in front of your computer? Do your eyes often get tired? Considering buying the best monitor for eye strain? Not sure what screen to buy to make your eyes feel better?

Buying the best monitor for eye strain can be vital, especially if you’re playing video games or watching movies without a break during a long period of time. Trust me, you will feel the difference and your eyes will be grateful!

It’s absolutely natural that your eyes are getting tired after spending a long period of time in front of your computer. In the long run, your eyes may burn and you can feel how your eyesight fades. This basically means you may will have to visit your doctor and get new bills.

So, if you’re having long computer sessions, you may be wondering how it will influence your eyesight. Will your eyesight get better? Will it recover? But what is the most important: how will the quality of your work change? Sooner or later you’ll probably consider buying the best monitor for eye strain! And it is better to do it sooner!

I’m usually spending almost 10 hours a day in front of my desktop almost every day (and a little less at the end of the week), on both work and gaming. And now because of COVID, I’m spending in front of my computer even more time … closer to 14 hours a day. At the end of the day, I’ve started to notice tension in my eyes and feel how my eyes are getting tired.

Keep reading to not only find the list of the best monitors I picked for you but also to find out how they can help your eyesight and how they can influence your well-being and vitality. You not only stop wasting your health and money, you also becoming productive because you make your work more comfortable and joyful.

List of the Best Monitors for Eye Strain


ASUS Eye Care Technology Monitor [Best Monitor for Eye Strain Overall]

The PB278Q monitor is made by ASUS. It is a 27-inch IPS monitor with 2560×1440 resolution and a standard 16:9 perspective proportion.

The response time is 5 milliseconds but it will work great probably for any task except for gaming. Monitor’s refresh rate is 75 Hz which is higher than most monitors possess. Eye care technology presented by ASUS is making this monitor one of the best monitors for eye strain.

Most programs have a 60 Hz refresh rate and only a few are made for monitors with 75 Hz refresh rate, so you may notice some tearing or glinting while doing things that have a parcel of active moving, gaming, or watching records. That being said, this screen comes with a Flicker-Free display technology presented by ASUS to remove most or all of those issues. In truth, we never saw any issues with this monitor during hours of testing which makes it awesome for those who are seeking a perfect monitor for everyday use.

This monitor has a wide viewing angle 178 degrees. That’s a great viewing angle, but you should take this fact with a grain of salt. No matter how wide the angle of view you should consider that the closer you’re to the screen the less strain you will have on your eyes.

A 178-degree viewing angle guarantees you should be able to watch it without any mutilation of the picture or brightness from any angle to make your eyes comfortable. After testing the screen by myself I wouldn’t exactly feel the picture is perfect within that angle, the viewing angle likely isn’t 178 degrees, but it is very wide so I am safe to say that the PB278Q is a great choice for diminishing strain on your eyes.

This monitor comes with a perfect ergonomic stand. It provides you with a few distinctive capabilities that make it exceptionally simple to use with any workstation setup. It is swiveling from side to side, tilting forward and in reverse, and altering the stature up and down. You can rotate the whole monitor into scene mode to make browsing the internet even easier and reading the text more comfortable.

This screen is certainly a solid choice if you are looking for the most excellent screen for eye strain. It comes with cool features to keep your eye’s as comfortable as possible during your workday. A downside of this screen:it doesn’t have a blue light filter and a thicker bezel.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wide View Angle
  • Flicker-Free
  • One of the best computer monitors for poor eyesight
  • Thick bezel

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD 24-Inch Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Eye Care [Best for the Money]

The VX2457-MHD from ViewSonic is a 24-inch eye care screen with eye security presented as its main feature. It is one of the best 1080p monitor for eye strain with a 16:9 angle proportion. It is a great LCD screen with a TN panel. If you’re looking for a compact monitor with eye care, a 24-inch VX2457-MHD is a great choice.

This screen has a 75 Hz refresh rate which also means it is not the best monitor for gamers but this screen posses FreeSync technology (useful for owners of AMD GPUs) which synchronize your monitor’s refresh rate with the framerate of your graphics card to reduce stuttering, screen tearing, input latency, etc.

This monitor comes with a 2-millisecond response time which is pretty nice. A 2-millisecond reaction is amazingly quick and should work perfectly for most gamers, and it also means you shouldn’t notice any delay on the screen at all no matter what changes are taking place on the screen, everything ought to happen rapidly.

Blue light filter and flicker-free technology are especially useful as they should grant your eyes additional eye relief. The main issues you’ll encounter with this screen are considerably smaller viewing angle and lower contrast due to it being a TN screen.

I can say that a smaller viewing angle can only be noticed if you are looking at the screen at certain angles. Bezel on this screen is pretty thick which doesn’t look modern enough but it should work for most people.

For the cost, this screen could be a phenomenal choice for eye-care treatment. It can be used for multiple purposes, and it can become an extraordinary choice for a casual gamer but I don’t recommend it for proficient work in photography or any type of work that requires you to see a realistic picture (photo & video editing, etc.) That’s because the TN board type holds it back from having a tall degree of color precision or contrast.

  • Flicker-Free technology
  • Blue Light Filter
  • FreeSync
  • Thick bezel

Asus VP28UQG 28” FreeSync Eye Care Monitor [Best Low Blue Light Technology Monitor]

The VP28UQG from ASUS incorporates a show size of 28 inches and has a 3840 by 2160 resolution with a 16:9 angle proportion. It could be a 4k screen made particularly with eye care in mind. It is one of the finest computer screens for elderly individuals. It could be a TN board Driven monitor.

The 1 millisecond reaction time is amazing and I discover it impossible that you simply would listen to complaints from any kind of utilize with respect to this usefulness. That response time is good for any kind of use including professional-level gaming.

The 60 Hz refresh rate is moo but it is adequate for anything you might need to do along with your computer including gaming, but on the off chance that you need to divert at a competitive level you may need a better refresh rate than this screen can provide.

Thankfully, the screen does come with FreeSync so a more effective machine can have the framerate it is able to create constrained to 60 and connect the refresh rate of your screen. That will guarantee that the visuals are smooth with no tearing or faltering and ought to keep eyestrain to a minimum as long as you’re utilizing an AMD GPU.

This monitor does support flicker-free technology as well as low blue light technology which ought to secure your eyes from harm and weariness exceptionally well. These highlights make it the best computer monitor for eye strain.


Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4k UHD LED-Lit Monitor with Eye Saver Mode

The U28E590D could be a 28-inch screen from Samsung that moreover underpins 4k resolutions with a 16:9 angle proportion. It could be a level Driven screen and contains a TN show type.

It contains a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a 1 millisecond reaction time. It comes with FreeSync compatibility as well which ought to keep your eyes secured amid amplified use.

Samsung’s exclusive Eye Saver Mode screen settings to decrease eye strain is upheld with this screen and is assumed to decrease blue light filters and flashing but I am uncertain how compelling it is. I can affirm that I have never had any eyestrain issues while utilizing this monitor.


BenQ GL2580H [Best Low Blue Light Monitor]

Let me present to you what for us is the leading screen for eye strain on the market in terms of quality cost, the BenQ GL2580H. A few may not know the BenQ brand as much as others like Dell, Asus, or HP, but it has nothing to envy the other brands. We as of now talked about it in our frameless plan best low blue light screens article, and we moreover set it at the best of our ranking.

This Eye-friendly screen Ultra-slim cutting-edge plan with beveled edges – Minimize diversions and make near-perfect multi-panel setups. Eye-care: low blue light filter and flicker-free technologies avoid eye strain and harm to vision. Quick 1ms reaction time (gtg): The quick 1ms reaction time empowers smooth recordings and a serious gaming encounter. Full HD show – Appreciate immaculate picture quality much obliged to 1920 x 1080 resolution. Cable Administration Framework – Cover up cables interior of the screen stand with ease.

We would highlight most around this best screen since disregarding it utilizing TN innovation (more thought out in diversions) is the most excellent choice quality cost on the advertisement. If you’re looking for the screen you want to use for a long time, choose it without a question. Another of its most profitable focuses is its quick reaction time. Its screen is 25″.

  • Very good response time 1ms
  • Advanced eye care
  • FULL HD display
  • Flat LCD monitor
  • Cable management system
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • It has EyeCare technology (ideal to avoid eye fatigue)
  • Ultra-slim bezel design
  • Very good value for money
  • It requires professional maintenance
  • Use TN technology instead of IPS
  • It does not come with built-in speakers

BenQ GW2780 [Best Monitor to Reduce Eye Strain]

Next in is another screen of the BenQ brand, the BenQ GW2780. Typically an IPS monitor and exceptionally great picture quality.

This 24-inch screen from BenQ has a viewpoint proportion of 16:9 and a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080. It may be a flat drive IPS monitor. It goes with a restrictive eye care innovation that gathers low blue light filters and flickering. The seeing point is wide and it has a programmed strategy for altering brightness for the foremost consolation and slightest strain.

It is comparable to the BenQ GL2580H screen, so it is additionally a fantastic option. Get this one on the off chance that it comes out cheaper than the primary one or in the event that you need a screen with coordinated speakers. This BenQ eye-care screen has the most limited reaction time of 5ms, so it decreases eye strain, and the screen estimate is 27″.

  • 27″ display size
  • IPS monitor screen Technology
  • Very good image quality
  • Features a low blue light filter technology
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Shortest response time 5ms

ViewSonic XG2700- 4K – Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Eye Care

To win at video recreations, you wish for the leading gaming screen with FreeSync eye care. A ViewSonic XG2700 – 4K screen is the ideal choice because it contains a quick reaction time, 4k resolution, and a tall refresh rate, which can make your gameplay smoother than ever before!

This brilliant, however reasonable screen moreover comes prepared with AMD’s Free Adjust innovation for a great encounter that can assist you out in a fight to defeat your friends.

You may want to consider an ergonomic stand. The comfortable utilization of this astonishing gadget doesn’t have any chance to be deferred or hindered by getting tired effectively from awkward situations whereas playing on such an expansive screen. You’ll tilt it, which is sweet for your consolation level. This best screen for eye strain is ideal for gamers who need a more immersive involvement.

It has dark stabilization innovation that makes it easier to see things within the dim and 178-degree seeing points, so you’ll be able to appreciate your diversions from different positions without losing clarity on any of them. The XG2700-4K highlights an LCD screen, control cable, smaller than expected DP to DP connector, and USB Port 3 Cable – all essential for gaming fabulousness!


Philips 436M6VBPAB [Best Screen Resolution for Eyes]

You utilize screens in your home and at work. They are a portion of your life. Philips screens are smart with high-quality pictures. Discover the finest one for you with an easy-to-use mixed media screen with incredible picture quality and clever highlights to realize more.

This Philips 436M6VBPAB screen is leading to screen resolution for eyes, is exceptionally clear, and encompasses a high-quality show board. It is undoubtedly the best monitor for eye strain that can display pictures of 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. In the event that you’re a proficient person who needs nitty gritty pictures or 3D illustrations, at that point this screen will make it less demanding to see them. This force 436M6VBPAB screen is best for individuals who require assistance with their eyesight since the pictures are simple to see.DisplayHDR 1000 delivers excellent brightness, differentiation, and colors.

It is brighter than other shows. The colors are superior as well, and it has more profound darks. Philips MultiView innovation could be a high-resolution screen that can handle numerous diverse gadgets. You’ll work with numerous gadgets at the same time presently.

You’ll observe live football on one side and browse the Internet on the other side. You’ll need to keep an eye on the live news bolster with sound in a little window whereas working on something else.

A gaming monitor decreases inactivity, which is the sum of time it takes for a computer to appear as the result of an activity. It is particularly critical for individuals who play fast-paced recreations. The Energy 436M6VBPAB has AdaptiveSync (FreeSync), which moreover makes a difference to make things smoother.

Buying Guide

When choosing the finest screen for eye strain you must think of that as your essential concern and see the details of each potential screen through that focal point. Having in mind that a few innovations are superior for your eyes to others, check out our best Driven screens survey. They come in different sizes. Indeed a few touch screen PC screens are designed to secure your eyes. For a few of the most straightforward ones on the eyes, check out the following points that need to be considered.

High Resolution

A better-decision screen can enhance your eyes. Eye stress can be decreased on displays with a decision of 1440p or above. We propose that you get a screen that suits your table properly, has an excessive decision, is low blue mild certified, and includes at least one VA panel.

If you do not require probably the greatest picture best, we propose upgrading to a better HD decision, which includes 1440p, so that it will reduce eye stress extra than 1080p.

Low Brightness

The maximum not unusual place purpose of the eye pain is immoderate brightness. These reasons are sleep disturbances and eye stress. When a person’s eyes modify to vibrant surroundings, they will now no longer be aware it is excessively vibrant.

Using ambient mild to lessen glare is a beneficial trick. However, there are positive and negative aspects to this as well. For example, mild may be contemplated and grow to be an inconvenience on a sleek display screen; on the opposite hand, a matte display screen will cope with reflections a great deal higher.

As a result, calibrating your display screen brightness and assessment is essential to keep away from complications and blurred vision.

Dimensions of the Display

The premier length for a screen to make use of in your laptop is 20-22 inches. They offer sufficient distance between your eyes and the display screen without being too small to assist you with paintings comfortably.

If video best is crucial to you, or in case you experience looking at screen earlier than night, 27-30 inch displays will permit you extra vicinity to look matters properly even as lowering eye stress from staring into the sort of little tool all day!

When making use of laptop video display units, choosing a suitable show length may be problematic due to the fact they arrive in lots of sizes—a few smaller than others, with various distances from one’s students and focal factors relying on their intended purpose.

Angle of View

What’s the maximum herbal perspective which will use a screen while you are at your table? If it is immediately in front of you, it truly is fantastic! Any laptop show may not be a hassle for you.

If like me (and lots of others), we do not use our displays on an everyday basis, leaning a long way again from them or sitting to 1 side – for example, ingesting lunch even as dealing with far from the display screen show however nevertheless wanting to get entry to keep operating – then those video display units will regularly start to provide us troubles in which colorations are washed out and shadows seem unusually off-center.

This isn’t always simply inconvenient: eye stress can be painful, so ensure you are snug with each angle earlier than determining which version seems first-class.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic presentations are a long way extra useful on your fitness than ordinary video display units. When you stare at a laptop display screen for lengthy intervals of time, your eyes may also grow to be strained.

However, ergonomically curved displays may be adjusted in top and perspective in order that they do not stress your eyesight.

When seeking out an ergonomically constructed screen, take a look at capabilities like swivel or tilt adjustments, which assist you to personalize it to your liking!

For any workplace worker, ergonomic video display units are a must-have. These video display units can be adjusted to fit people’s precise demands, fending off the risks of operating lengthy hours in front of non-ergonomically designed traditional laptop displays.


  1. Does Using a Bigger Screen Assist to Reduce Eye Stress?

Yes, you may modify your surroundings while the usage of virtual devices to aid wholesome eyes. If feasible, use a huge screen or a monitor’s screen magnifier to relieve eye stress. Make positive your chair is near your laptop and that you are sitting in a chair with sufficient lower-again aid.

  1. Which Screen is the Most Eye-Friendly?

Because of the excessive assessment degree and per-pixel mild-emitting diodes, AMOLED presentations are first-class for the eyes. TFT: *VA (e.g. AMVA, PVA) panels with an excessive assessment ratio and a non-PWM LED backlight might be the second-first-class option. TFT: IPS is suitable in a few situations, however handiest in others.

  1. Which is higher for an eyes TV or screen?

There are diverse drawbacks to the usage of tv as a screen: When you operate a laptop, you generally tend to take a seat down towards the display screen, and utilizing a TV rather than a screen may be extraordinarily disturbing in your eyes because of more lag, fuzzier images, and less-than-perfect coloration reproduction. All you need to do now’s flow your sight across the display screen.

  1. Is a curved screen awful for the eyes?

Curved displays aren’t dangerous to the eyes. A curved screen offers an extra immersive enjoyment and lets in peripheral vision, similarly to lowering eye stress. Users no longer need to swivel their heads to absorb all the content material on the grounds that the rims of a huge visible canvas are visually drawn in and calmly spaced apart.

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