Best Nespresso Machines in 2021

August 13, 2022


If you enjoy coffee, you’ll like a Nespresso coffee machine, which is both simple to operate and excellent to drink.

Which Nespresso machine should you get if you’ve settled on the hassle-free capsule method of a Nespresso machine? Read on to find out which Nespresso coffee machines are the cream (crema?) of the crop, which we’ve reviewed and checked based on the simplicity of use, maintenance, coffee quality, pricing (and more) so you can start shopping. We’ve also taken into account the opinions of individuals who have previously purchased one.


Breville BNV250CRO1BUC1 Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine, 15.511.514.75 in, Chrome

Although it lacks the hooks and fancies of Nespresso’s Evoluo or DeluxePlus, the Vertuo is nonetheless well-received and comes in a bundle that comprises the machine and an Aeroccino3 milk frother for a reasonable price.

This single-cup maker creates espresso or coffee and is only compatible with Vertuo capsules. “The espresso shots were fantastic,” our reviewer said after trying the product. She described the drip-style coffee beverages as tasting “more like espresso rather drip coffee and, as a result, much stronger than a conventional coffee machine.” This isn’t always a disadvantage for people who want strong coffee, but it’s worth noting.

The machine reads the barcodes on the pods to alter the settings and make a wonderful cup each time. On the bigger cup sizes, it also produces crema. You may select a cup size ranging from a small 1.35 espresso shot to a huge 14-ounce cup for your travel mug or to split, in addition to selecting between coffee and espresso. You’ll get an ultrasonic cleaning warning when it’s time to clean the unit, so you don’t forget to do it. Another reason we picked this item as the finest combo is that you can customize it to meet your specific needs: you may buy the Vertuo machine alone, or a two-part package with the machine and milk frother or the machine and Nespresso capsules.

  • Drinks may be made quickly
  • Coffee and espresso drinks of exceptional quality
  • The design is lovely and small
  • 12 coffee capsules are included
  • Vertuo coffee capsules are required
  • Coffee has high caffeine content
  • Only makes individual cups

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi, Silver

The Lattissima Pro is a professional-grade machine for home use that combines the convenience of Nespresso capsules and switch options while still appearing stunning on the counter. It can make ristretto, cappuccino, espresso, latte, hot milk, lungo, and hot water, among other beverages.

The item is not only simple to use, but it also works rapidly. In only a few seconds, the Thermoblock heating technology transforms cold water into hot water, allowing you to brew coffee considerably faster than you could with a traditional espresso machine.

After completing our testing, our reviewer remarked on the item’s adjustable settings, which further distinguishes the Lattissima Pro from other one-touch coffee makers. “The volume of each of the coffee, water, and milk options may be changed,” she added. “[Your preferences] are remembered for future usage,” the computer says. “Produce coffee in big numbers” is one of the only things the item can’t accomplish, according to our reviewer.

While this may be out of reach for the casual espresso user, it will make a statement and deliver good results without the need to master the various brews.

  • Coffee, among other things, has a variety of purposes
  • Nearly hands-off operation
  • Compact design
  • Small portions
  • Expensive

Nespresso D40-US-BK-NE Inissia Espresso Maker, Black

Whenever it includes a fold-down lever to transport it, you know it’s designed to be portable. When not being used, this tiny machine may be tucked away in a cupboard or pantry, yet it consistently produces full-flavored espresso, with 19 bars of pressure to obtain the heavy flavor you desire.

This machine has two coffee servings with espresso and Lungo buttons, and it warms the water in 25 seconds, so you can start sipping right away. The tank contains sufficient water for 9 cups of coffee, so you won’t have to refill it while serving guests, and it automatically shuts off after 9 minutes if you don’t make anymore. ​

You may have it even without an Aeroccino 3, which can produce hot or cold milk froth for your coffee or froth for the children’s hot chocolate as a rare treat. You’ll also receive 16 Nespresso capsules, allowing you to sample a range of flavors before deciding on your favorite.

  • Light weight
  • Saves space
  • Excellent cremation
  • Heat-up time is longer
  • Variability is limited

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi with Aeroccino, Silver

Nespresso brought a new line of units to its coffee-making inventory in 2014, after almost three decades in the industry: VertuoLine. These machines produce more coffee per serve than the OriginalLine, which is designed especially for espresso shots.

The Evoluo is our favorite from the Vertuo line. It costs about the same as the other Vertuo choices, but it gives you more value for your dollars. It warms up quickly, in only 15-20 seconds, and can store up to 17 used Nespresso capsules before it needs to be cleaned. Its 54-ounce water tank is somewhat less than the VertuoPlus Deluxe’s (57.5 ounces) but substantially bigger than the Vertuo and the VertuoPlus.

Starting with an espresso shot and rising to an Alto-sized cup of coffee, the Evoluo can make five distinct cup sizes. An energy-saving feature is an automated shut-off after 9 minutes. You can also connect the Evoluo with either the Aeroccino3 milk frother for a charge to make delicious lattes and hot chocolates at home.

  • Money well spent
  • Various drink sizes
  • Removable large water tank
  • Coffee might be a little hotter
  • Noisy

Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine, 1, Stainless Steel

This is the machine you need if espresso is a passion rather than merely a beverage. It not only makes a great cup of coffee, but it also has micro-foam technology, so you can practice making latte art hearts and flowers and gradually build up to expert designs while completing your daily sudoku puzzle in the comfort of your own home. You won’t need a separate milk frother because it’s built into the machine, and you didn’t have to think about details because it has eight distinct foam textures and 11 various milk temps.

With the innovation comes a moderate look evocative of manual espresso machines, but that’s much easier because you can choose among lungo, espresso, latte, cappuccino, ristretto, flat white, or latte macchiato, change the size of the filling, and can pick your milk temperature and texture from a list. The water “heats up in three seconds,” according to our product reviewer, “which is practically unparalleled regards to espresso machines,” so you’ll be drinking in no time. This device is not only clever enough to transform you into a kitchen barista, but it also has a self-cleaning function that notifies you when it’s necessary to clean and thoroughly rinse the machine to maintain it functioning at its best. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a 16-capsule variety pack so you may try a range of flavors.

  • Milk frother built-in
  • Brewing in a hurry
  • Several beverage alternatives are available
  • The system that cleans itself
  • A possible learning curve
  • Manual espresso machines cost around the same

Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine by Breville, Piano Black

This tiny espresso machine is tiny yet strong, and it won’t take up much space in a tiny kitchen. The water reservoir is located behind the device instead of on the side, making it easy to fit into a small area. Despite its tiny size, it generates 19 bars of pressure for a creamy espresso. This machine does not have the same number of settings as larger machines, but it is still extremely easy to use. Simply select between espresso and lungo sizes before pressing the button. In less than 30 seconds, the water reaches the desired temperature. The machine switches off 9 minutes after you finished making coffee to save electricity. Whereas this device may not have a lot of bells and whistles, it does comes with 14 different types of coffee pods so you can try them all before settling on one or two favorites.

  • Affordable
  • Saves space
  • Multiple hues are available
  • Container for little capsules
  • Heat-up time is longer

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Nespresso Original Capsules and Compatibles, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping

This small device doesn’t require power to operate, making it ideal for tourists who want their morning coffee before leaving the hotel room or for office workers who want a shot of espresso while leaving the workplace. All you’ll need is some hot water, your Nespresso capsules (or ground coffee), and some effort. A semi-automatic cylinder inside the machine injects tiny quantities of water into the beans with each push until the extracting pressure is reached. Water tanks of various capacities are available for making various varieties of coffee in various sizes, allowing for greater adaptability at home. If you’ll be traveling somewhere bumpy, a protective cover is also provided.

While it lacks the comfort of pressing a button and having the machine do the job for you, it does take up very little storing room whether it be in a kitchen cupboard, a desk drawer, or in your baggage.

  • Cheap
  • Small
  • Robust
  • Excellent cremation
  • Messy
  • Only OriginalLine capsules are available

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine with Aeroccino NEW by Breville, Black Matte, Single Serve Coffee & Espresso Maker, One Touch to Brew

This machine makes the drip-style coffee that distinguishes VertuoLine items while adding some unique twists all along the process. The Vertuo Next is one of the smallest Nespresso machines on the market, but it features a large (37 ounces) storage tank that can be detached for simple refill and maintenance. The gadget can also connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is a new function that allows it to perform updates and provide the best possible user experience. On top of the five predefined drink options, you may package the item with an Aeroccino milk frother to prepare lattes and cappuccinos, as with most Nespresso items.

According to Nespresso, the Vertuo Next stands apart since it is comprised of 54 percent recyclable material. Over the years, the business has expanded its capsule-recycling procedure, now offering free bags that can be sent straight to your house or picked up from a variety of locations, then returned to a local UPS or Nespresso shop once they’re full. The recyclable bags, on the other hand, are exclusively available through the brand’s site and are not included along with orders made via other merchants.

  • Recycled materials were used in part of the construction
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Saves space
  • Heat-up time is extended
  • The container for capsules is somewhat smaller

Nespresso CitiZ Original Espresso Machine by De’Longhi, White

The CitiZ is a stylish, uncomplicated Nespresso maker from the original series, similar to the Essenza, but it has a bigger 34-ounce water tank, allowing you to make more espresso without having to replace it. You may choose between espresso and lungo, and creamy espresso with a beautiful crema will be delivered at 19 bars of pressure. You may buy the Aeroccino as one of a package with the device if you desire a milk frother.

This machine utilizes Original Nespresso capsules, although it’s quite comparable to the Nespresso VertuoPlus in most ways. As a result, we think it’s the ideal option for anyone who wants to remain with the Original line. Perhaps you’ve already figured out the Nespresso blend you favor and are searching for a machine that’s a step up but not too drastic.

Because of its decent 19 bar extraction method, the CitiZ can keep up with several other Nespresso machines. This machine is remarkable for its super-slim appearance and modest size, in addition to its basic simplicity. It’s an excellent option for anyone with a tiny kitchen.

It brews at a lower temperature, which may be utilized to increase the variety of drinks you can make. While this temperature may be an issue for some people, it may be a fantastic method to create chilled drinks for others. Because the brewing takes place at a lower temperature, you can draw shots straight onto ice. You’ll be on your way to making your favorite summer beverages in no time.

  • Design is simple and elegant
  • Espresso with a lot of body and creaminess
  • With a bigger water tank, it has a smaller footprint
  • This machine just produces espresso
  • There is no milk frother included

Nespresso Gran Lattissima Espresso Machine by De’Longhi, White

The Gran Lattissima is a nice balance between the VertuoPlus’s elegant, convenient style and the Creatista series’ more sophisticated capabilities. It includes a built-in milk frother and a contemporary container that can be removed and kept in a refrigerator Ristretto, espresso, caffè latte, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk, flat white, and hot foam are among the 9 settings on the preview panel.

During our testing, we discovered that the Gran Lattissima was unpredictable between beverages and that cleaning the milk frother was challenging. It’s a good alternative for novices who want their cappuccinos and lattes at the touch of a button because it has basic settings and is less expensive than the Creatista series.

  • Simple to use
  • Milk frother built-in
  • There are nine drink button settings
  • Cleaning the milk frother is a challenge
  • Between drinks, there is inconsistency

Nespresso EN80B Original Espresso Machine by De’Longhi, 12.6 x 4.7 x 9 inches, Black

This type is a very simple machine in every way. The Inissia utilizes Original capsules and is the “best Nespresso machine for the cash” in our opinion. We believe you’ll appreciate how durable it is, as well as how nicely the sleek form fits into any kitchen.

Because the Inissia utilizes Original capsules, it is an excellent choice for people who, like the previous version, absolutely know what sort of Nespresso they want. This device will not fail you with its easy controller design and fast boiler.

Choose the Inissia as an excellent option for tough situations. The no worry approach, for example, is ideal for a busy office. If you’re purchasing a machine for children or the elderly, the easiness will come in handy.

  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Its small size makes it simple to squeeze into tight spaces
  • It heats up quickly
  • The reservoir is small
  • Customizability is limited
  • Doesn’t work well with larger cups or travel mugs

What to Look for When Buying a Nespresso Machine

Vertuo or Original

Each Nespresso machine is divided into two types: Original and Vertuo. Original machines specialize in espresso and espresso-based beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos, whereas Vertuo machines can brew espresso as well as bigger drinks similar to drip coffee. Deciding on the category you favor is a good beginning to start narrowing down your selections. Because the firm produces a broader range of Original machines, this category includes a broader diversity of pricing, sizes, and capabilities. Vertuo machines, on the other side, are less costly in general, but they require additional milk foamers and are larger. Please remember that each machine type has its own set of capsules that are incompatible with the others.

Options for a Drink

It’s easy to connect Nespresso with the coffee it’s best known for espresso, but the company’s drink menu is far from restricted. Lattes, cappuccinos, latte macchiato, and even other types of espresso, such as ristretto and lungo, may all be made with a variety of machines. On the company’s website, Nespresso also offers a comprehensive recipe list for specialty drinks, which includes sweet delicacies like a Peppermint Chocolate Cream Latte and even alcoholic drinks like a Nespresso Negroni. So think about how many different kinds of drinks you want in your brewing gadget and invest accordingly.


While Nespresso machines come in a variety of sizes, the majority are smaller than standard espresso machines and electrical drip coffee makers, allowing you to conserve valuable kitchen space. Product measurements are easily found on the internet; all you have to do now is measure your counters. The Pixie, CitiZ, and Essenza, which are all featured in the OriginalLine category, are among the smallest machines for people who are very concerned about saving space. The size of the storage tank and the number of capsules a machine can retain are two additional important considerations. Most devices can retain up to 10 spent capsules before they need to be emptied, however other devices may keep up to 17.


A Nespresso machine starts at a somewhat higher price than many other coffee machines, including Keurigs. Nespresso capsules are also much more costly per serving than most other coffee pods and more so than raw bean or ground coffee. These disadvantages should be considered before acquiring a machine. On the plus side, once you get over the expensive beginning point, the brand offers a very wide variety of pricing. Customers may save cash on capsules by purchasing them in bulk, as they last for months, if not years.

Time to Warm Up

Nespresso machines, like other brewing equipment, need time to heat the water before they can create coffee or espresso. Luckily, they heat up far faster than traditional espresso machines, electrical drip coffee makers, and so many pod-based alternatives, such as Keurig. The time it takes for Nespresso machines to heat up varies between three and thirty seconds. The majority of people fall somewhere in the middle of that range, with an average of approximately 20 seconds.

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