9 Best Night Vision Monoculars Under $300

February 14, 2023


Discover the joys of night vision with a monocular that is both entertaining and practical. Perfect for observing wildlife or hunting, night vision technology is no longer just for the wealthy. You can now find high-quality monoculars within your budget.

We’ve done the research for you and found the best night vision monoculars under $300, avoiding any subpar options. Use our buyer’s guide to ensure you know what to look for, especially if you’re new to the world of night vision. Get ready to experience the night in a whole new way!


Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Bushnell Equinox Z Monocular

Digital Night Vision Monocular For Backpacking

The Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the excitement of nighttime observation without breaking the bank. With magnifications of up to 6x, you can easily spot small creatures from a distance. If you’re hunting a larger game, the 4.5x magnification model is a great option, offering a larger field of view and good zoom. This model can be used day or night, so you don’t have to worry about artificial light affecting the optics.

Not only can you observe the beauty of the night, but you can also capture it with the built-in video and picture-taking capabilities. The fast shutter speed ensures that even if your hands are shaky, your shots will come out clear. The only downside is that it uses AA batteries, which can add to the operating cost over time. However, for those who just want to enjoy the experience, the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital is an excellent choice.

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Using at any time of day or night
  • Making a video
  • Shutter speed for photos that is fast
  • The device requires AA batteries to work.

Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular with 1.5 inch TFT LCD

Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

Outstanding optical clarity: 5Mega CMOS sensor. Built-in 1. 5” TFT screen.

For home defense, the Bestguarder 6x50mm WG-50 is the best overall. If you’re a hunter, you might take this model with you, but its best features are all related to home defense. For one thing, it’s simple to attach this model to an external power supply and use it as a surveillance camera forever. It’s also simple to connect it to a device so you can log or track the view.

Unlike specific good night vision cameras, this version can be used both day and night, giving you the maximum capability of an IR camera with the added advantage of being daytime-friendly. If you’re not using it as a surveillance camera, you can even take pictures or film footage, giving it some versatility. Although this model has a fantastic overall performance, we’d like to see it be a little more road-friendly. It consumes many batteries, which is understandable given that it seems to be aimed at the home protection industry.

  • Video and image capabilities are available
  • Using at any time of day or night
  • Features a Security Camera
  • The battery life is short



Solomark Night Vision Monocular

Solomark Night Vision Monocular

Blue-Infrared Illuminator Allows Viewing in The Dark. 3x zoom.

The Solomark Night Vision Monocular is a decent buy for someone on a tight budget who needs basic night vision choices. It’s a small model, so it’s useful if you’re short of space or want anything that won’t totally dwarf your hands. This design is also tripod-mount capable, so if you already have a tripod, you should be good to go on that front.

The cost of this version is its best feature. It’s a low-cost night vision monocular, but it’s adequate for the money. It has a spectrum of about 328 feet, which is adequate but not exceptional. It also uses AA batteries, which are more challenging to replace than rechargeable batteries. In conclusion, this is a great product and offers excellent value for its low price.


  • Price
  • Ready to be mounted on a tripod
  • The range is not very long
  • AA batteries are needed



LaserWorks LRNV009 Day and Night Vision Monocular

LaserWorks LRNV009 Laser Ranging Monocular

The Super Clear 200m Night And Day Vision Monocular

For the true tech geek, here’s a night vision monocular. The DAY AND NIGHT monocular by LaserWorks is the champion of the high-tech night vision universe, with over a dozen exclusive features that you won’t find on any other device. A thermometer, compass, and barometer are only a few of the features available on this monocular.

We, on the other hand, are not easily tricked. We needed to see if there was a working night vision monocular underneath all those fancy bells and whistles. That’s because it’s famous for producers to bury inferior goods under a plethora of irritating features and extras.

Fortunately, this is not the issue for the monocular from LaserWorks. You’ll get super good vision at a great distance, whether it’s day or night. The integrated laser rangefinder operates flawlessly, and the fusion of these features results in possibly one of the best instruments we’ve ever seen. The propensity of some of the elements to fog up and disturb the picture clarity was one issue we found with this monocular. There seems to be an issue with moisture condensation within the device, but we hope this is a one-off occurrence and not representative of the whole product line.

  • It has many cool features
  • A laser rangefinder is a luxury feature that is included by default
  • Interior fogging and condensation problems
  • Given its mid-range picture output, it’s a little price

Bushnell Night Watch With Built-In Infrared Monocular

Bushnell Night Watch Monocular

Digital Night Vision Monocular For Backpacking: 4x magnification

There’s a reason Bushnell has been at the forefront in optics advancement for the outdoors for so long. That’s because they’ve made it their mission to bring the highest-quality lens innovation to the market at the lowest possible cost, allowing even the most enthusiastic outdoor lover to appreciate the technology’s breathtaking functionality.

It functions in a fairly straightforward manner. It is able to create an illusion that we would not be able to see otherwise by throwing the infrared beam out into the darkness.

Bushnell is known for encasing their optical technology in sleek, waterproof casings, and that is precisely what they did with the NIGHT WATCH. The shield is made of a tough rubber that is both comfortable and non-slip. Overall, it appears that this small device can withstand any abuse before exhibiting signs of wear and tear. The picture quality on this design is a little blurrier than on other Bushnell models, which makes us wonder what might be causing the difference.

This is a device that performs well in complete darkness. Instead of that, the picture quality is just not good enough for a device in this price range. You’ve got yourself a surprisingly decent generation one starting design here for flat regions and moonless nights.

  • It’s light and portable
  • Excellent armor and casing on the outside
  • Image Quality: Mid to High-Mid
  • It needs complete darkness to work at its highest



Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular

Night Owl Optics 5 Night Vision Monocular

Generation 1 Night Vision Monocular With Magnification 5x

For outdoor enthusiasts and tech geeks alike, the NOMXM50 from NIGHT OWL is a top-of-the-line night vision monocular. With its sophisticated image processing technology, previously only seen in surveillance cameras and binoculars, the NOMXM50 represents the forefront of night vision innovation. Despite its high-tech features, it remains an affordable option for those looking for an entry-level night vision device, thanks to component cost reductions. The infrared spotlight boasts a range of 60 feet, which is a decent size for its price point.

One aspect that might cause some confusion is how to charge the device’s battery. Unfortunately, the product box doesn’t provide any information on the subject. However, after some investigating, we discovered that the battery can be charged by unscrewing the IR light behind the lens to access the battery compartment.

While the NOMXM50 has a lot of impressive features, it is lacking one crucial aspect – an eye shield. Without it, a significant amount of light escapes from the display screen, making it appear brighter to other night vision users and potentially alerting predators of your presence while hunting.

  • Timeless hardware that will last and will not let you down
  • In a solid structure, good efficiency
  • It’s missing an eye shield
  • The battery life isn’t very long (around 4 hours)



Premium Night Vision Monocular By OPTISCOPE

OPTISCOPE Night Vision Monocular

328ft/100m Infrared Illuminator Range – 3x Magnification – Ideal For Surveillance

Experience the great outdoors like never before with the OPTISCOPE Luxury Night Vision Monocular – the ultimate tool for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Crafted from premium materials and cutting-edge technology, this monocular is built to last, promising years of reliable use even in the toughest conditions.

What’s more, the OPTISCOPE is not only durable but also delivers crystal-clear images. Its multicoated lens and LED infrared illuminator let you see with exceptional clarity even in complete darkness, making it a perfect tool for night vision. And with its video capability, you can capture your memorable moments and relive them on your TV or computer.

With a range of 328 feet/100 meters, multicoated glass targets, and an infrared LED illuminator, the OPTISCOPE lets you explore the wilderness, spot wildlife, and admire the night sky with ease. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or stargazing, this monocular is a must-have for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Don’t settle for less – get your hands on the OPTISCOPE Luxury Night Vision Monocular today and see the world in a whole new light!

  • Zooming up to three times the object is possible for this scope
  • Allows for video capturing and quick video transfer
  • A free 4GB micro SD card is included
  • Photos are strikingly transparent thanks to the multicoated glass
  • As compared to most monoculars on the market, it’s a little bulky
  • It’s big, so it may not be as convenient to transport

Firefield Nightfall Night Vision Monocular

Firefield Nightfall Monocular

Comes With Fabric Case

Looking to enhance your outdoor adventures with stunning images and ease of use? Look no further than this exceptional monocular, packed with features that will have you falling in love with it in no time.

First and foremost, this monocular is all about comfort and convenience. With an ergonomically-designed interface that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, it’s a breeze to use for extended periods of time. And, it’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

But don’t be fooled by its small size – this monocular packs a powerful punch. With 5x magnification and an IR light for improved visibility, you’ll be able to see clearly even in low-light conditions. And, with a massive 50 mm diameter lens and an exceptionally clear view angle, you’ll be able to capture stunning images with ease.

What’s more, this monocular is built to last, with an armored rubber housing that can handle even the toughest conditions. Plus, with multicoated lenses that keep your images pure and clear, every photo you take will be of the highest quality.

With a field of vision of 15 degrees, this monocular is perfect for exploring the great outdoors, from wildlife spotting to stargazing. It’s simple to operate and transport, making it the perfect tool for capturing all of life’s adventures.

So whether you’re an avid nature enthusiast or simply love taking photos, this monocular is a must-have. Don’t miss out – get your hands on this amazing device today!

  • Ergonomic design and comfortable to use
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • 5x magnification and IR light for clear images in low light
  • 50mm diameter lens with a clear view angle for stunning photos
  • Armored rubber housing for durability in tough conditions
  • Multicoated lenses for pure, high-quality images
  • Easy to operate and transport for hassle-free adventures.
  • The field of view is restricted




PRG Defense 11M14122353031 Monocular

PRG Defense Night Vision Monocular

Gen 2+, 27 mm Lens, 40° FOV, 1x Magnification

Looking for a monocular that offers top-of-the-line performance? Look no further than the MUM-14A from PRG Defense. Although it may seem pricey at first, this monocular offers an upper Gen 2+ Level 3 standard, making it a total game-changer.

PRG Defense doesn’t cut corners with its equipment, and the MUM-14A is no exception. This 1x monocular offers a 40-degree visual field, 27-mm aperture, and 0.25-m to infinity focal range, delivering an incredibly detailed and crystal-clear image. Plus, with its mini rail for mounting on guns, you’ll be able to use it for a variety of activities.

One of the best things about this monocular is its power. It runs on a CR123A battery, with the option to use AA batteries as well. Even better, it can last up to 40 hours in 68-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and operate in temperatures as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

At just 0.6 lbs and with dimensions of 4.5 x 1.9 x 3.1″, the MUM-14A is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Plus, it comes with a head and arms mount, carry bag, lens tissue, manual, batteries, and a two-year extended warranty, so you’ll be fully equipped to tackle any adventure.

If you’re an expert looking for top-notch performance, the MUM-14A from PRG Defense is an absolute must-have. Don’t settle for anything less – upgrade your outdoor experiences with this exceptional monocular.

  • Gen 2+ price
  • Mountable head/weapon
  • Compact/lightweight with a long battery life
  • The price

How To Pick The Best Night Vision Monocular?

Buying Guide

A night vision monocular is essential if you are a hunter, bird watcher, mountaineer, or just enjoy seeing nature after dark. And, with the market filled with thousands of products claiming to be the best, we’ve put together some pointers to help you choose the best.

Monocular gain: The importance of monocular gain cannot be overstated. When you look into your monocular, the benefit will dictate the amount of light you will see. Be sure you choose a system that can provide enough light without requiring you to magnify your image excessively.

Picture Clarity: When you look through your monocular, how transparent is your image? This is a crucial question to ask yourself while looking for the perfect night vision monocular for under $300. There’s no denying that the higher the lens level, the sharper the image from your monoculars would be.

Magnification and Field of View: Magnification means how much the lens can magnify the image you’re looking at. The trick is to find a lens that will have enough magnification while maintaining image clarity and detail. The term “field of vision” refers to how much of a scene you can see at once.

Fog Proof and Weather Resistance: Since you’ll be indoors, the monocular will be subjected to the elements. That is why you should look for a water-resistant monocular that will continue to work correctly even though it rains. Also, for certain early morning expeditions, suggest a monocular that will not turn cloudy.

Eye Relief: The more eye relief the monoculars provide, the more convenient they are to use. It is more comfortable for people who wear glasses to offer more eye relief. At least 11mm of eye relief is optimal. This would encourage the user to keep the gadget a little longer, making it more convenient for them.

Environment: Consider the situation in which you will be using the monoculars carefully. What will you do for the monoculars, and when will you use them? How far do you want to travel? Think of how much distance you’ll like. You won’t need to spend extra money on a long-range monocular because you’ll only be hunting in places where long-range vision isn’t needed.

Convenience: You’ll want to bring the monocular with you on your expeditions, which is why you’ll need something portable. Make sure your computer is lightweight, safe to use, and, most significantly, simple to use.


When it comes to purchasing a decent monocular, one of the most daunting challenges is determining which one best suits your needs. Investing in a top-of-the-line night vision monocular may be tempting, but why waste your hard-earned money on something that may not even fulfill your requirements? Get the most out of your investment by finding a device that truly suits your needs.

Overall, costly does not always imply superior quality. As with any other product on the market, you might be happily surprised to find a high-quality one at a reasonable price. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best night-vision monoculars under $300.


Q: While using a night vision monocular, do you see shadows?

No, night vision monoculars function by increasing the intensity of light. In contrast, a shadow is a dark place with no sun. Shadows are not visible through the goggles because of this.

Q: How much can the night vision monocular allow you to see?

When it comes to the distance that these night vision monoculars can see, there are a variety of factors. The size of the item is the first consideration. Is it a human, a building, or a bird? The better it is to see an object, the larger it is. Another one to consider is the illumination at the moment. What is the amount of light available? Is it really dark or just the shadows when the sun sets? The general theory is that the sharper the sun, the farther out you will see.

Q: Will the Night Vision Monocular be used for something else?

A: Night vision monoculars are highly flexible in terms of their applications. These monoculars may be used for wildlife surveys, for example. Others choose monoculars for activities such as camping, bird watching, hiking, night boating, night fishing, night caving, night photography, surveillance, and so on. Stargazing with night vision monoculars has become increasingly common in recent years. In short, there are far more applications for night vision monoculars than we can list.

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